The Corvallis Independent Business Alliance (CIBA) is a cooperative effort by local, independent businesses to help our community prosper and keep our local economy healthy, diverse, and stable.


Business of the Week   

The Business of the Week program is designed to help the Corvallis community identify our locally-owned independent businesses by featuring one business each week.  The program is part of the Buy Local First campaign co-sponsored by the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition and the Corvallis Independent Business Alliance. To learn about the Business of the Week, please select the link above.

If you would like to learn about a Business of the Week that has been featured in the past, there is a Business of the Week Archive.

Buy Local First Campaign  
Buy Local First campaigns are about empowering consumers to use their purchasing power to shape the kind of community they want to live in: unique, vibrant, and prosperous.

The campain has a number of annual events, including the Buy Local First Brunch, Independents Week, Buy Local First Day and Buy Local First Holiday Contest.

About us 
Learn more about CIBA. Check here for a short history, our Mission and Goals, and a peek at our board of directors.

CIBA Scrip Program  
Some CIBA Members are donating a portion of their sales towards local schools through the Scrip Program.

Why shop locally?  
Why does it matter where you spend your hard-earned dollars? This will answer your questions and explain how you can help make a difference.

Member directory  
Find the best in local shopping, dining, and services. And check back often—the list of CIBA member businesses keeps growing.

Join CIBA  
Members of CIBA enjoy many benefits. Join today and be an integral part of the Corvallis business community!

Contact us  
After looking around at this Web site, if you would like more information about CIBA please contact us.

The Corvallis Independent Business Alliance is a proud member of the American Independent Business Alliance.


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